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MINDY - Brown Tiger Tabby Kitten1824 views“Mindy,” a charming young tiger tabby girl and twin sister to “Minnie,” was born approximately June 2017. She and “Minnie” showed up at one of our rental houses, and the tenant called us right away (he already has a non-cat-friendly dog). “Mindy” is highly personable and very affectionate and mellow. She’ll make a wonderful addition to any cat-loving family. We would love to see both “Mindy” and “Minnie” go to the same home (and they would like it, too), but we won’t make it a requirement. Keep in mind there is a discount for adopting two pets at the same time. “Mindy” has been spayed, tested negative for FeLV/FIV and vaccinated. Fastidious box manners. To apply to adopt “Mindy,” go to Fee, $95. Only $150 to adopt both girls.Nov 15, 2017
MINNIE - Brown Tiger Tabby Kitten1815 views“Minnie” and her twin sister “Mindy” showed up at just the right house; one where the tenant knew about ASL. While we’d like to see the two stay together (and they would like it, too), we will adopt them out separately. Keep in mind there is a discount for adopting more than one pet at the same time. “Minnie” is a sweet little tiger tabby born approximately June 2017. She adapts well to new situations and is a mellow, relaxed little girl. “Minnie” has been spayed, tested negative on FeLV/FIV and vaccinated. Excellent box manners. To submit your application to adopt “Minnie,” go to Fee, $95. Only $150 to adopt both sisters.Nov 15, 2017
MYSTERY - Brown Tiger Tabby Kitten164 viewsThe folks that found “Mystery” told us it was a mystery where she came from, so that’s how she got her name. With her gorgeous markings, they could have named her “beauty” and been equally accurate. “Mystery” was probably born around January or February 2017. She just showed up on their porch one day this fall and decided to stay. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her, so now you can adopt her. She has an absolutely outstanding personality and is very smart. She gets along okay with other cats and has been exposed to dogs, but she prefers to be the “boss.” Little “Mystery” will make any cat lover a wonderful companion. She’s spayed, UTD on vaccinations and tested negative or FeLV/FIV. Submit your application to adopt her at Fee, $95.Nov 15, 2017
PLAIN JANE - Brown Tiger Tabby Kitten123 viewsLittle “Janie,” a sweet and petite brown tiger tabby girl born approximately April 2017, was found injured by a Good Samaritan, who called us for further help. An x-ray revealed a very tiny fracture, which healed all on its own within two weeks, leaving her good as new! “Janie” has an extremely sweet and affectionate personality, constantly curious about what you’re doing and where you are. She gets along great with other cats, and is used to being around cat-friendly dogs. She’s a mellow and gentle cat and will make an outstanding member of any family. “Janie” is spayed, tested negative for FeLV/FIV and fully vaccinated. To submit your application to adopt “Janie,” go to Fee, $95.Nov 15, 2017
CHLOE - Husky/Australian Cattle Dog mix (?)918 views“Chloe” belongs to another rescue, but ASL is fostering her here in Dowagiac. We’ve had her for about 3 months in order to offer her socialization with other dogs. While she’s always been wonderful with both adults and children, and gets along with cats just fine, we suspect she may have been attacked by other dogs in her early experience. She was very fearful when she first arrived, but within three weeks she came to realize that no one was going to hurt her and began wanting to interact with her housemates. She gets along great with everyone now and has proven highly trustworthy, although when she moves along to her forever home, she will need time to learn that same acceptance with new canine friends. She would do best with a puppy. “Chloe” is about 2 years old herself and still very much a puppy emotionally; well-behaved but with an abundance of energy. She will require a home and caretaker who enjoys lots of activities in which she can be included. I’m sure she’d love to go jogging. And she also loves belly rubs! We really don’t know “what” she is. It would require a DNA test for that, but she’s got some dots underneath that snowy white coat, and she’s about the size of a Husky or German Shepherd. To apply to adopt “Chloe,” please complete the appropriate form at 15, 2017
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